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Snow Removal Services

We recognize snowstorms can be sudden and require immediate attention. That is why we offer residential and commercial seasonal snow removal services and have reliable and experienced crews available around the clock. We work with you to develop the best plan for your property. 

Contact our team for a free estimate and learn more about our seasonal plans, where we offer full-season snow removal services that work for you.

Snow Removal

Ice Prevention


Snow Removal Services

Reasonable Prices

Servicing Niagara Region and surrounding areas

Free Estimates


✓ Snow Plowing / Snow Blowing

✓ Sidewalk and Pathway Clearing

✓ Salting

See our plans below


We offer a seasonal plan that is  “all-inclusive” and allows you to predict your expenses for the snow season. With this plan, snow removal and salting will occur within 24 hours following a snowfall of at least 2 inches. 


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Snow Quote







  • We will discuss the project with you once we receive the address. 


  • We will send you a subscription plan based on our discussion. 



  • Once an agreement has been made service will be provided following a snowfall of at least 2 inches. Please review the service agreement for additional details.  

Frequently Asked Question.
  • Do I have to set up an in-person appointment to get an estimate?
    We do our best to provide as much information through email. We only set up appointments when required to finalize estimates.
  • When will I get my estimate?
    Our goal is to provide you with your final estimate within 3 business days of your in-home visit or within 3 days of receiving the engineered drawings.
  • How does payment work?
    We accept a variety of payment options, including credit cards, bank transfers, and certified checks for large projects.
  • What is the process for requesting changes or additional work?
    If you have booked a service with us but would like to make a change or request additional work then please contact us through email. Our email is provided to you after you submit an estimate request and will be located in your agreement if you have been provided one. Once we receive your request and have gone over the details with you, then we will provide you with a change order request. Depending on the amount of work requested, a fee may be required to process the change. The fee amount will be determined on a case-by-case basis, and we will notify you of the amount ahead of time. If you are unable to find the email address then please submit another estimate request. Please include the details of your request including the information about your current project.
  • What happens if I notice deficiencies with the service?
    For construction services we offer a warrenty. During the warrently period you can contact us at any point and we will arrange a time to address the concern free of charge based on the defined scope of service. Please check your agreement for more information on the warrently. You can find our contact email in your agreement, or you can get in touch with us by submitting another estimate request and including the details of your concern.
  • Need more help?
    Please contact us through email or by submitting an estimate request with your questions through our website.
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